Representatives of the ‘Youth for Better Media’ Network, founded as part of the project of the same name, were hosted today by journalists and editors of RTRS and the portal. They discussed with them the importance of interaction between young people and the media, which helped the journalists to find out what content young people want to listen to and to watch. The participants also had the opportunity to learn about the requirements of the journalistic profession and the news production process.

Young people visiting RTRS

Vladislav Pejić, one of the visiting youth, said “I believe that TV companies should have more content for young people in order to attract their attention. I am happy that today I had the opportunity to see for the first time what it takes to broadcast the news and how things happen behind the cameras.”

Tamara Ćuruvija, a journalists from RTRS and Milorad Labus, an editor at, shared their knowledge and many years of experience with the young people and explained how journalistic trends are changing but how credible journalism remains an important factor in the fight against misinformation and wrong information.

Young people visiting portal

Milorad Labus stated “Exactly what we deal with every day is informing readers about the topics that are in focus, so that this direct form of communication with young people and listening to their needs and observations is important for creating media content.”

The project is financed by the @European Union in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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