Show the importance of Euro-Atlantic Integration to the Citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina through Film


Young people from across Bosnia and Herzegovina, including Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Goražde, Tuzla, Kakanj, Mostar, Živinice, Gradačac, Ljubuški and Laktaši attended the second film production workshop organised in Mostar within the project ‘It is About you’ (#AboutU). The Embassy of the United States of America in Bosnia and Herzegovina supports the project financially and it is implemented by the association ‘Ja BiH u EU’ together with the friends of the project the ‘Institut za razvoj mladih KULT”and ‘Munja Inkubator društvenih inovacija’. The lecturer was the academic professor and director Pjer Žalica.

The first production workshop, presented by the Bosnian and Herzegovinian film director Elmir Jukić, explained the concept of production, namely what is a frame, a scene and the sequence, to the participants. The second production workshop focused on making a film with emphasis on the characters, demonstrated to the participants through use of examples from films. Pjer Žalica emphasised to the young audience that when making a film they should pay attention to the music and the angle of the shot, but also to relax as much as possible and to enjoy their role.

Meho Čavčić who was one of the participants of the workshop said, “In another workshop we learned how to work out  story and characters. Pjer Žalica gave us concrete advice for our films. Members of my group are from across Bosnia and Herzegovina. Through a video on Euro-Atlantic integration ‘NATO – Human Rights’ we would show the stories of people with disabilities, people with special needs and people who are members of the LGBT population, because their rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina are not what they should be.”

Adnan Andelić added, “I think that this is a very high quality project where we should show the answers to some of today's problems through film and I think we will do it very well, because we had high quality workshops. Mr Pjer Žalica pointed out some shortcomings of our works so far and told us how to improve them and how to better present the topics through our films. The film should evoke emotion in people and it is our task to achieve that by talking about Euro-Atlantic integration. I think that in the end it will be very interesting.”

Milica Kos pointed out, “The workshop was very useful with a high quality lecturer and I’m glad that we had an opportunity to work with quality lecturers, people from the film industry and to learn how it really looks and works in the profession. The link between Euro-Atlantic integration and film can be found in the fact that the film can show a lot, including the importance of Euro-Atlantic integration, and that this may be the only way to show our people how important it really is.”

Pjer Žalica concluded, “I constantly work with young people and very often in that constant work there is a problem of interaction: ‘We are here and it’s wonderful that we participate, but I wanna do something’. Today I didn’t have that problem, everyone actively participated. A very harmonious group, it is nice to see a group from all over the country acting in such a harmonious way. Topics are important. It is good that young people think about them and find answers, how to warn about it from concrete life examples. A very useful project. I hope that the participants will be interested in dealing with serious topics in a different way, that is, through the film!”

At the end of the workshop, the participants together with the lecturer Pjer Žalica went through the synopses in detail. The project ‘It is About You’ will continue with the production of the video material on Euro-Atlantic integration.


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