HUB for adjustment of media content for persons with disabilities- visually and hearing impaired persons was opened today following the working group meeting of the public broadcasting services representatives and NGOs Ja bih u EU and ICVA and Centre for blind and visually impaired children and youth. The opening of the HUB is one of the activities within the EU financed project “Equal Access to All”. Social inclusion and rights of the persons with disabilities are part of the 14 recommendations outlined in the European Commission Opinion on the BiH membership application.

Due to the anti-Covid measures, only a part of the working group was present. The plan is to gather representatives of institutions, Communication Regulatory Agency and as a great number as possible of broadcasters around the activities regarding adjustment of media content for persons with disabilities. Therefore, the next phases of the project will organise a number of meetings with all the working group members divided into small groups.

Today’s meeting was very useful. First of all it identified the main challenges the public broadcasters face in efforts to adjust media content mostly due to the lack of multiplex. However, all the participants expressed genuine will and readiness to cooperate on the project. Next week at the BHT and FTV premises a joint working meeting of technical and IT project staff will take place in order to harmonise and carry the needed software changes for the content adjustment. Later stages of the project will include launching of the advocacy and the lobbying activities and production of the education modules for PWD and public broadcasters staff.

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