A Training on Digital Marketing was held within the project ‘It is about You’


Five teams involving 25 young people from Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Gorazde, Tuzla, Kakanj, Mostar, Zivinice, Gradacac, Ljubuski and Laktasi came together to attended an online workshop on social media campaigns run as part of the US Embassy supported project ‘It is About You’. Mak Alagić a digital marketing expert was the lecturer.

These young people received instruction in the basic concepts of digital marketing. They discussed the questions of what constitutes digital marketing, the channels that make up digital marketing, what social media is and how these areas interact. They will apply this new knowledge when they promote the videos that they produced based on the workshops on production held by the directors Jukić and Žalica, which they had previously attended.

One of the participants, Alma Baručija, said, “The training fulfilled all my expectations. It was interesting and instructive. I’m satisfied and glad to be a part of this project.”

Hana Subašić said, “As a person who has been involved in YouTube and influence for a while in my life, I was glad to attend a workshop where there were other much more experienced YouTubers and to listen to their advice and stories. I learned a lot about digital marketing. I will be more careful and smarter in the future when promoting my posts and targeting groups. I’m glad that in this period when we are all separated that we were able to connect, share smiles, at least in a virtual way.”

In addition to Mak, the speakers at this workshop included the well-known influencers Namik Đulić, Amina Efendić, Davor Gerbus, Merima Bešlagić and Ajdin Hasanić. They showed the participants the important elements of advertising on social networks, how to be creative and how in a world of mass information to get their content across. They talked about ways to promote the project topics of Euro-Atlantic integration in democracy, the rule of law, human rights and economy.

The influencer Amina Efendić said, “First of all, I have to say that I’m thankful for this opportunity and it was a great pleasure to attend one such training. I think the whole concept is a great design and there is a lot to learn. I always like to listen to new things about the field that I’m involved in as well as other people’ stories. It is always nice to attend a training that is educational in nature and where the participants are able to learn something about digital marketing and how to promote topics that represent wider social interests. After that, they could hear stories first-hand about how each of us started and how our story started. I’m looking forward to a new meeting.”

Alem Bajramović, one of the participants, said, “As the last in a series of workshops, we had an excellent lecture that, due to the participation of experts and YouTubers/influencers, combined theory and practical examples and experiences. I’m glad we had the opportunity to talk directly with those people we meet on our video platforms. Although the workshop was intended to show us how to promote the short films we made on the occasion of the ‘It is about You’ project, I find this to be excellent knowledge for both the private and business lives of the participants. It is now our task to make our films as popular as possible and to show that there are a lot of young creatives in our environment who need to be supported in what they do.”

Ajdin Hasanić told us that he was pleased and honoured to be a part of this great story. “I want to thank all those who deserve every segment of the project to be flawless as well as the lecturer who shared useful knowledge with us. I will always be happy to answer calls like this.”

In the continuation of the project, the video material that the participants produced aided by the advice of the lecturers and mentors will be assessed and an online competition run where the winning team will receive prizes.


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